Transformation Among the Rocks

Hawk in tree near my porch, Copyright 2012, Kaliani Devinne
Hawk in tree near my porch
I'm delighted to have the Universe provide just what I need when I need it.  That's how I believe it all works.

Even when what's provided doesn't seem to be good for me, or I don't see where it leads, or I downright despise what's happening.  I don't always succeed with appreciating it all in the moment, although a small voice inside usually chimes in with a reminder.  And it doesn't mean that I just wait for things to happen or come my way, and I no longer believe I am being victimized, although I once did.  I co-create my reality.

I believe I am here to experience life, in all its messiness; bumps and bruises; trips and falls.  I think that what counts is my reaction to it all.  What do I, what I say, what I feel, what self-expression flows from me is what is logged in the Big Book of  Life Experience.  Each subsequent moment bringing to me an opportunity to expand again.  To allow.  To accept.  To hurt.  To love.  And to trust yet again.

I don't have to travel anywhere for transformation to occur.  It comes to me.  Here.  Now.  How do I react?  How do I engage?  What do I feel?  How does this moment become part of the unique human expression that is "me"? 

Rock Art near my home, Copyright 2012, Jennifer Masters, used with permission
Rock Art near my home
About a year and a half ago I needed some serious cave time.  Time to heal, reflect, gather strength.  I was sitting at my computer one afternoon window-shopping on Craigslist, with no intention of moving, but, there it was, the description of a wonderful condo for rent.  I decided to just take a look.  What could it hurt?  Why not see what was out there?

Turns out it was a fabulous match inside--not too big, not too small, right price, nice extras, in a neighborhood I was already familiar with.  As I was wrapping up the walk-through, the owner pointed out the rock art in the yard.  The condo was surrounded with large boulders displaying native rock art that was hundreds, if not thousands of years old!  It was built on a site with more than a dozen acorn grinding sites.  It was a women's gathering place.  A sacred place.

Go figure.  I've been interested in Native American spirituality, women's circles, and doing ceremony for a long time.  I didn't even know this art/site was here.  And now, it's where I live.  It's where I've been working on healing and turning my attention within as I become a crone.

Kaliani in front of rocks, Copyright 2012, Jennifer Masters, used with permission
Kaliani in front of rocks
Now I am looking forward to starting a women's dream circle this weekend; to engaging with a small group women who are also here to experience life to its fullest at this moment.  And to connect with the spirit of the land and the ancestors who walked here before me.


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