Thanksgiving Blessings

Heaven and Soul Connection by Alicia-Lee-07, Creative Commons License
"Heart and Soul Connection" by Alicia Lee
This magnificent stained glass spiral is called The Glory Window.  It forms the ceiling of the Chapel of Thanks-Giving in Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, TX.  Until today, I didn't know it existed.  Which brings me to the gratitude that I'd love to share with you now.

I found this photograph of the window, called "Heaven and Soul Connection" by "Alicia-Lee-07" on Flickr this afternoon through a process I call "googlemancy," or search engine divination.   What started as a search for a traditional "thanksgiving" picture (you know, the typical cornucopia, turkey dinner, autumn leaves...) to post with my Thanksgiving wishes for you, my friends and family, ended with me finding a perfect visual depiction of what I envision when I think of the title of my blog, Steps on the Sacred Spiral. 

And, how perfect is it that this window, designed by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France, forms a ceiling that reaches up and the windows get lighter and lighter as the spiral goes up?!  And, then there's the tie-in with my fabulous experience in September in Chartres Cathedral, which was part of the inspiration for me to start writing again!  And, it's from the Chapel of Thanks-Giving!

When so many insights come together through serendipity, I am always blown away for a few minutes; excited and unusually open spiritually and psychologically, as though a new door has opened for me and a brand new message is about to come through.

Carl Jung, the great psychological theorist of our age once said of such serendipitous intersections that, "When coincidences pile up in this way, one cannot help being impressed by them—for the greater the number of terms in such a series, or the more unusual its character, the more improbable it becomes."

I take the symbologist point of view of the Universe.  A symbologist is one who studies and interprets symbols and how humans place significance and make meaning from them.  I believe there is a structure, a purpose, an intent for every life, and when serendipity is startling enough to grab our attention, we're being shown we're on the right path in carrying out our life's purpose.

So, in honor of discovering this new stained glass window of opportunity leading me on in my upward spiral of enlightenment, I offer my gratitude for my process and my guidance, my friends and family, my health and well-being, and the many ways in which the Universe supports and sustains me.  I wish for you happiness, wellness, peace and abunDance.  Blessings. 

Enjoy your thanks-giving experience!


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