The Sacred Spiral Beckons

Kaliani at Stonehenge Copyright 2012 Kaliani Devinne
Step with me through the gate
Kaliani at Stonehenge 2 Copyright 2012 Kaliani Devinne
Stonehenge 2012
During my recent trip to the UK and France, I contracted the writing bug.  I've been traveling to sacred sites, doing pilgrimages, and participating in ceremonies for several years, and it's time to share my experiences.  So, here we go.  Follow my steps on the sacred spiral! 

My journey on the sacred spiral has opened my mind, body and spirit to the energy of the divine feminine.

Mine is a story of edge-walking, of walking between the worlds, in a spiral like a labyrinth, such that each time I take a step I create a physical footprint forward, as well as a pathway inside my psyche, and contribute to the collective unconscious, simultaneously.

My intent with this blog is to provide insights, personal revelations, and vision.  My dream is to share the flow of experience as it has shaped my life--the twists and turns, the surprises, the dropping into the deeper significance of events, the serendipity of connections and the ways these things have changed me and my world.  I walk in the world as a priestess of the Great Goddess, as a metaphysician, as a walking prayer, as an energy in motion.  I welcome you as my companion.




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