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Healing the Sacred Heart

One of my teachers, Beatrex Quntanna, frequently talks about the time we're experiencing as an opportunity to heal the heart of religion. Not just one religion, but the concept of religion across the board, no matter what your belief system. A re-calibration process is happening and you can resist it, or go with the flow, but it's going to continue to happen. A few things are central to the re-calibration process, I believe, and are the concepts are driving my commitment to travel with a group of devotees to France later this year. First and foremost, is the resurgence of the Feminine Divine; a call to women to claim their dignity, honor, spiritual connection, and equal participation in all aspects of a religious experience. Also key is the concept of the earth as our Mother--Her survival is our survival. Thirdly, I see this re-calibration as a personal heart healing, in which we claim our own unique spiritual experience, without need for any intermediary, and allow our innat

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