Retreat to Mt. Shasta

I've been offline for the winter, as I shift and change and move.
Now I've got a few upcoming trips I wanted to let you all know about.
The first is a retreat to Mt. Shasta in May with my friend Isabella Stoloff.


Isabella writes,

"Mount Shasta is a place to rejuvenate the soul.

This special mountain calls to one’s soul and each of us has our own special connection with it, just waiting to be awakened and experienced.

Mount Shasta is considered by some to be the root chakra of the earth and the experience of deep grounding earth connection and transformation are all qualities of this majestic peak.

Many of us want a different type of vacation; one that we can carry with us long after it is over. Going on a spiritual retreat can create a deeper sense of self and assist in releasing heavy energy. A trip to Mount Shasta is a fantastic way to reconnect with the energy of the earth and the energy of our souls.

As one approaches Mt. Shasta by car, there is a deep inner awakening and sense of awe as the snowcapped peak is seen off in the distance. When you finally set foot on the mountain you can feel the high vibrations of this place in your physical body, and many report feeling the mountain literally vibrating under their feet. It has also been reported by many that the mountain has many “vortices” or energy points that connect with other spaces inside the mountain.

The land in and around Mount Shasta is considered sacred. Native Americans, including the Karuk Tribe, have lived upon this land and their special connection can be felt. Energy can also be felt running through nearby Stewart Mineral Springs, about 10 minutes from the mountain by car. Dr. Emoto, who studies the consciousness of water, has said that the mineral springs of Stewart provide the healing and perfect balance of the Yin and Yang (male and female) energies of the body. Upon jumping into these cool springs one can feel the rejuvenating properties and the balancing of the body's polarities.

The forest and surrounding land is breathtakingly beautiful and you very quickly sink into a profound inner peace and deep connection with nature that many of us are missing in our daily lives of hustle and bustle.

The sacred energies and experience of Mount Shasta and the surrounding lands are truly calming for the soul and bring you back to your center."

Join Deborah Shea and Isabella Stoloff, for a magical and transformational four-day, four-night journey and retreat in Mount Shasta. This year's retreat will be held during Wesak, a very powerful time in Mount Shasta as well as around the planet. This will be a unique opportunity to experience powerful journeys, meditations, and sacred ceremony with an amazing group of Bringers of Light!

For more information about Isabella and registration, visit her site. Isabella's blog article about the trip offers more information and links, and co-leader, Deborah Shea's blog about the retreat is located here.


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