Glastonbury Goddess Temple Healing

I arrived at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple on the afternoon of September 15, 2012, just a few days before the autumnal equinox.  It was a Sunday, and the temple was holding a special event in observance of the equinox.  I'd read about the place and had been on their mailing list for years, so to actually be able to join them for a day of healing was a special treat.

Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Photo by Kaliani Devinne, Copyright 2013
Glastonbury Goddess Temple
The temple is up a flight of stairs of an inner courtyard just off High Street.  It's a wonderful resource for books and tools of the goddess craft.  I was welcomed into the healing area by two of the special priestesses, "Melissae", who were facilitating the healing sessions, after spending a few minutes in the meditation area.  They asked me what my intention was for the session. 

I explained that I had been in quite a bit of pain for almost two years following surgery, and that I felt that I was subconsciously holding sadness in my body in relation to the surgery, doctors, rehabilitation, and all the rest I'd been through, and that my intention was to let that all go, ending that chapter of my life.  One priestess inquired if I had a particular goddess energy I wanted to work with, and I explained that I had an affinity for dark/shadow goddess energy, and that I'd prefer to work through the energy of a goddess familiar in the locale.  She recommended calling upon Ceridwen, and I heartily agreed.  Little was I to know then, but Ceridwen followed me through Wales on my travels.

The experience was remarkable.  I laid down on a massage table.  One priestess worked on my left side while the other was on the right.  We said a prayer together and stated our healing intention.  One invited in Ceridwen to assist in the healing and began to energetically pull the energy of sadness, fear, and pain out of my body.  The other held space for the process and began to "fill in the hole" with love and light, following the extraction. 

Altar at Goddess Temple, Photo by Kaliani Devinne, Copyright 2013
Altar at Goddess Temple
As the process gathered intensity, the priestess doing the removal began to keen--the ancient ritualistic mourning cry of my Celtic ancestors.  It immediately brought me to tears.  The cellular memory of the sound, although I had not encountered it this lifetime, was deeply imbedded in my body.  It was as if I responded to her voice by allowing the grief, and therefore the sadness, fear and pain to exit my body.  I was finally done with it. 

I trembled and cried and jerked as the energetic work continued on accompanied by her keening, which became lower, deeper and more resonant, until it was a soothing memory washing over me.  It was my signal to let go.  And, as I did, the other priestess took up the challenge of making sure my energy was restored and beautiful healing light streamed into energetic wounds.  By the end, I felt tired, drained, yet amazingly clear and feeling much lighter. 

Meditation Area at Goddess Temple, Photo by Kaliani Devinne, Copyright 2013
Meditation Area at Goddess Temple
I was gifted a crystal that had been used in the session and was helped back to the sitting area to integrate and ground myself.  It had been a big shift in my energy, and I didn't exactly hop off the table.  I sat and allowed the beauty of the process to sink in.  I had traveled from San Diego to Glastonbury, to the ancient seat of the Divine Feminine, to heal my physical form, and the session had exceeded my expectations.

Shops on High Street, Photo by Kaliani Devinne, Copyright 2013
Shops near the Goddess Temple on High Street
Later I was to walk back up High Street to the Chalice Well site again, and for a second time that day, to partake of the healing waters.  Along the way, I stopped in a few of the shops (the one called Lilith was particularly intriguing!) and got myself a good strong cup of tea at a cafe.  Back at the Chalice Well Gardens, I sat on a wonderful park bench gazing at the Tor, marveling at my life and my journey thus far.

When I had received my diagnosis and the surgery had been recommended, my first thought had been that I'd never made it back to Europe, and my regret had been that perhaps it wouldn't happen, but there I was, sitting with my cup of tea, having spent my day at Stonehenge, Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, and I'd received the healing that would help me turn a corner on my recovery back to full health and happiness.  I was sore and tired, but, goddess, life was good!


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