Heart-Journey: In Mary Magdalene's Footsteps by Ceslie Rossi

Another guest post by my friend Ceslie Rossi, who's traveled in Bali, India, and France this year.  Her journeys are filled with spiritual intention and inspire the mystic in me.  She's getting ready to launch a new website (now under construction),  www.cosmicbohemian.com, where she'll be sharing many great things she's gathered in her travels.  Enjoy--Kaliani
"These past few years I've had a comet running through my heart...I haven't been able to stop anywhere for long. I've been going and going. Everywhere and anywhere. Mostly alone, though I have happily shared many amazing journeys with beloved family and friends.

The most profound teachings I've received happen when I listen to my intuition and the pull in my heart, and then trust and obey! This is where the magic and aliveness in life exists for me.

Buddha by iProza, Creative Commons License, Flickr
Buddha by iProzac
I'm not talking about booking a grand tour--my heart journeys could be attending a class or workshop, planting a garden, listening to stars, being made love to by the waves, beginning a new friendship, sitting by a particular tree, or driving 2000 miles to an event that's pulling me. Staying present in this way doesn't always come naturally to me and my mind still gets caught up in busy-ness, so I am learning this over and over.

Sometimes I think, "Who knows? Buddha may have sat in the very spot, calling me to rest and receive nurturing."

Things that have opened to me just in the last few months are still churning deeply inside me. Maybe activating distant memories, skills and knowing, or revealing unfinished business. I'm sure this is true for all of us in these accelerated times.

When I'm in "mystical traveler" mode there is a distinct type of clothing I will wear over and over that expresses freedom and adventure to me. I love and relish these clothes and feel that they have collected the energy of certain places and experiences, and also contain and protect my energy in a very special way, revealing who I am to the myriad of new faces and smiles I encounter.  There is also a song I dearly love by a musician named Kailash Kokopelli, "Listen the Voice of Your Heart," which is always a good reminder and a really fun travel companion!

I am still learning the importance of maintaining my connection to my self and my health and vibrancy so I can really stay in touch with what my heart is asking of me. This might look like doing daily meditation, journaling, yoga, walking, rest, eating very well, and taking enough green supplements or green drinks, depending on location. Also fresh clean air and water keeps the energy flowing in positive ways.

Ceslie Meditating, Copyright 2012 Antony Rossi-Portugal, Used with Permission
Ceslie, Meditating Near the Forest on the Banks of Mata Ganga
Connecting deeply with sacred Mother Earth, no matter where on Her we ramble is the key to an area revealing itself. I love sinking my essence into the ground at different places, sometimes known holy sites, asking the place to reveal what will serve me in the highest and best ways, by connecting me to the right people and experiences. This small thing is a actually a BIG thing and activates more ecstatically the unfoldment of the journey of life.

An open beautiful heart leaves a rainbow trail of positive energy which has no language barriers. What I've learned over and over is the sweetness inside everyone on this beautiful giving planet full of readiness to help, to share, to create positive experiences and teach the sojourner what she might be questing.

This summer I decided to go to a place which has been calling me to connect with Mary Magdalene--the south of France.  First my journey took me to Marseilles, where she first landed after Jeshua left.

Forest Where Mary Walked, Copyright 2012 Ceslie Rossi, used with permission
Forest Where Mary Walked
I would spend my nights online researching, and then the next day feeling my way around the areas, hoping to stumble into the places where she spent much of her time.

Ultimately what drew me was a forest she probably walked in.  I sat on a rock and She spoke for quite a while. I wrote down all She told me. Sated and exhausted I was ready to leave the area.

The next morning as I was leaving the little town, I noticed a flash of light that appeared on top of a church that I couldn't find for days before. I entered the church and felt that the energy in there completed the experience for me.  Nothing remarkable, yet important.  A kind of seal.

I was then guided to visit les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, about 1 1/2 hours drive from Marseilles.  Along the way I enjoyed the harbor, the Camargue, where I had the best apricots I've had since I was little, and leisurely ate my lunch. The whole journey was so magical because I was entirely following my heart and thus in a constant state of wonder.
In the Grotto, Copyright 2012 Ceslie Rossi, Used with permission
In the Grotto
 I finally wandered into the chapel of the two Mary's.  Inside this chapel was a Black Madonna statue of Sarah, the daughter of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.  Gypsies have claimed Sarah as their patron saint and call her "Sarah ke Kali" (reminiscent of their heritage in India).  She is clothed in many different raiments, one atop the other, and bedecked in countless jewels. Surrounding her are myriad photos and marble plaques of gratitude for her benediction and miracles. The energy is powerful in this part of the chapel and is famous for the miracles that have occurred there.

Sarah ke Kali, Copyright 2012 Ceslie Rossi, Used with permission
Sarah ke Kali
As I was leaving this church I ran into a woman I'd met in India eight months previously and she gave me my next clues for my treasure hunt in search of Mary Magdalene, the Divine Lover.  She encouraged me to go deeper into the Cathar areas, a few places in particular.  I checked in with my heart and got a "YES," so I drove a few hours to exactly where I was inwardly told to go.

I arrived, parked and, walked and walked, praying for these places to open to me, but they didn't.  The energy was dense, and I felt like I was pushing against something.  It doesn't usually work that way for me.  It felt as if the light, and ancient mystical secrets, have been, and are still, concealed and protected. I surrendered for the day and left. My guidance said everything was perfect, but honestly, I felt like a New Age dork for a long second!

As I drove away, the download happened profoundly and furiously.  All at once, it opened up for me.  I pulled over and dictated an hours worth into my iPhone. I learned a HUGE lesson there about the great people known as the Cathars and I experienced how they were senselessly killed and tortured because they embodied and lived LOVE--A love that others wished to own and have control over, for their own benefit.

It's an ancient scenario...those who killed the Cathars were trying to kill love itself! The question of the ages spiraled around inside of me, "Why has this most powerful force, LOVE, (which we all ARE at our core anyway) been so feared and so coveted; even treated a commodity?"

Virgin Mary by iProzac, Creative Commons License, Flickr
Virgin Mary by iProzac
More is revealed to me all the time as I dare to trust the voice in my heart.  Here I am/we are, fiercely living love again!  Birthing love, breathing love consciously.  Many, many of us, joining together as One-pulsing-heart-beat.  The more we allow love to enter our hearts and flow through us, the more of our highest aspects can birth in this dimension.

Our answers are all found in the heart.  Our hearts know.  We must really listen and be brave enough to follow our heart's truth. Inside the word 'courage' is the French word for heart, 'la coeur.'  It takes great heart to have great courage, and vice versa.  When I lose my way, I come back to my breath, which plugs me back in to the juice of creation, and my heart, and LOVE.

Dear One, this has been a winding tale of some steps of my journey on the sacred spiral, following my heart. I wish you juiciness, beautiful awakenings, heart smiles and pure alive-ness in each and every now!"

Ceslie Rossi


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